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the capital of Slovakia, in the SW part, on the Danube River: a former capital of Hungary.
a republic in central Europe: formerly a part of Czechoslovakia; under German protection 1939–45; independent since 1993. 18,931 sq. mi. (49,035 sq. km).
Capital: Bratislava.
the capital of Slovakia since 1918, a port on the River Danube; capital of Hungary (1541–1784) and seat of the Hungarian parliament until 1848. Pop: 428 672 (2001) German name Pressburg Hungarian name Pozsony
a country in central Europe: part of Hungary from the 11th century until 1918, when it united with Bohemia and Moravia to form Czechoslovakia; it became independent in 1993 and joined the EU in 2004. Official language: Slovak. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: koruna. Capital: Bratislava. Pop: 5 488 339 (2013 est). Area: 49 036 sq km (18 940 sq miles)
Slovakia [(sluh-vah-kee-uh)]


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