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[ee-vuh;; German ey-vah] /ˈi və;; German ˈeɪ vɑ/ (Show IPA), 1912–45, mistress of Adolf Hitler.
Karl Ferdinand
[kahrl fur-dn-and;; German kahrl fer-dee-nahnt] /kɑrl ˈfɜr dnˌænd;; German kɑrl ˈfɛr diˌnɑnt/ (Show IPA), 1850–1918, German physicist and specialist in wireless telegraphy: Nobel Prize in Physics 1909.
Wernher von
[vair-ner von,, vur-,, wur-;; German ver-nuh r fuh n] /ˈvɛər nər vɒn,, ˈvɜr-,, ˈwɜr-;; German ˈvɛr nər fən/ (Show IPA), 1912–77, German rocket engineer, in U.S. after 1945.
Contemporary Examples

Rahm and Race in Chicago Dirk Johnson January 3, 2011
Ryan Braun and Anti-Semites Emily L. Hauser August 19, 2013
Rahm and Race in Chicago Dirk Johnson January 3, 2011
Rahm’s Pain, Whose Gain? Dirk Johnson January 23, 2011
Justin Bieber’s Bad Bromance Chris Lee August 28, 2012

Historical Examples

Comrade Yetta Albert Edwards
One-Shot James Benjamin Blish
Space Platform Murray Leinster
One-Shot James Benjamin Blish
Comrade Yetta Albert Edwards

Eva (ˈeːfa). 1910–45, Adolf Hitler’s mistress, whom he married shortly before their suicides in 1945
Karl Ferdinand. 1850–1918, German physicist, who invented crystal diodes (leading to the development of crystal radio) and the oscilloscope. He shared the Nobel prize for physics (1909) with Marconi
See (Wernher) von Braun


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