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Face danger or a difficult situation with courage. For example, They had far fewer votes than the opposition, but they decided to brave it out. [ Late 1500s ]
Also, brazen it out. Boast or swagger, act with impudent bravado. For example, They hadn’t been invited but decided to stay and brazen it out. [ Mid-1500s ]


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  • Brave-new-world

    a new period in history resulting from major changes in society, especially technological; a future world or society experiencing positive and negative effects from major changes. a novel (1932) by Aldous Huxley.

  • Brave-the-elements

    Go out in stormy weather, as in We’ve just about run out of food; I’ll brave the elements and walk to the store. The use of elements for atmospheric agencies dates from the early 16th century but is rare today except in this expression, which is often used hyperbolically.

  • Brave-west-winds

    the strong west and west-northwest winds blowing between latitudes 40° S and 60° S.

  • Braved

    possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. making a fine appearance. Archaic. excellent; fine; admirable. a brave person. a warrior, especially among North American Indian tribes. Obsolete. a bully. a boast or challenge. to meet or face courageously: to brave misfortunes. to defy; challenge; dare. Obsolete. to make splendid. Obsolete. to boast; brag. Contemporary Examples […]

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