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a republic in South America. 3,286,170 sq. mi. (8,511,180 sq. km).
Capital: Brasília.
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Historical Examples

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Also called brazil wood. the red wood obtained from various tropical leguminous trees of the genus Caesalpinia, such as C. echinata of America: used for cabinetwork
the red or purple dye extracted from any of these woods See also brazilin
short for brazil nut
a republic in South America, comprising about half the area and half the population of South America: colonized by the Portuguese from 1500 onwards; became independent in 1822 and a republic in 1889; consists chiefly of the tropical Amazon basin in the north, semiarid scrub in the northeast, and a vast central tableland; an important producer of coffee and minerals, esp iron ore. Official language: Portuguese. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: real. Capital: Brasília. Pop: 201 009 622 (2013 est). Area: 8 511 957 sq km (3 286 470 sq miles)

Note: The largest of the Latin-American countries, Brazil occupies almost half of South America.

Note: It is the world’s leading coffee exporter.

Note: The only country in South America whose history was dominated by Portugal; it is the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world.

An operating system from Acorn Computers used on an ARM card which could be fitted to an IBM PC. There was also an ARM second processor for the BBC Microcomputer which used Brazil. Never used on the Archimedes(?).


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