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a mineral, sodium aluminum phosphate, Na 2 Al 6 P 4 O 16 (OH) 8 , occurring in yellow-green crystals with a vitreous luster: used as a gem.


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  • Brazilin

    a yellow, water-soluble, needlelike, crystalline solid, C 16 H 14 O 5 , obtained from brazil and sappanwood: used as a dye and an indicator. Historical Examples Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 4 Various noun a pale yellow soluble crystalline solid, turning red in alkaline solution, extracted from brazil wood and sappanwood and […]

  • Brazilwood

    any of several tropical trees of the genus Caesalpinia, as C. echinata, having wood from which a red dye is obtained. the wood of such a tree.

  • Brazing-alloy

    hard solder. a solder fusing at temperatures above 1200°F (650°C).

  • Brazing-metal

    a nonferrous metal, as copper, zinc, or nickel, or an alloy, as hard solder, used for brazing together pieces of metal.

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