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a violation of good faith, confidence, or trust; betrayal:
To abandon your friends now would be a breach of faith.


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  • Breach-of-the-peace

    a violation of the public peace, as by a riot, disturbance, etc. noun (law) an offence against public order causing an unnecessary disturbance of the peace

  • Breach-of-promise

    a violation of one’s promise, especially of a promise to marry a specific person. Historical Examples The Girl on the Boat Pelham Grenville Wodehouse The Rescue Anne Douglas Sedgwick A Crooked Path Mrs. Alexander Twos and Threes G. B. Stern Liverpool a few years since James Aspinall Round the Block John Bell Bouton Curiosities of […]

  • Breach-of-trust

    Law. a violation of duty by a trustee. a violation of duty or responsibility. noun (law) a violation of duty by a trustee or any other person in a fiduciary position

  • Breached

    the act or a result of breaking; break or rupture. an infraction or violation, as of a law, trust, faith, or promise. a gap made in a wall, fortification, line of soldiers, etc.; rift; fissure. a severance of friendly relations. the leap of a whale above the surface of the water. Archaic. the breaking of […]

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