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a crumb of bread, either dried or soft.
Contemporary Examples

Become a Fried Seafood Believer at South Beach Market Jane & Michael Stern April 19, 2014
Foods That We Love But Shouldn’t Lydia Brownlow July 14, 2011
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Historical Examples

Twenty-four Little French Dinners and How to Cook and Serve Them Cora Moore
A Comprehensive Guide-Book to Natural, Hygienic and Humane Diet Sydney H. Beard
The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book Thomas R. Allinson
Birds and All Nature, Vol. VI, No. 5, December 1899 Various
A Comprehensive Guide-Book to Natural, Hygienic and Humane Diet Sydney H. Beard
The Belgian Cookbook Various
Mrs. Thompson William Babington Maxwell

the soft inner part of bread
(pl) bread crumbled into small fragments, as for use in cooking
verb (transitive)
to coat (food) with breadcrumbs: egg and breadcrumb the escalopes


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