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In addition to the idioms beginning with break one , , also see under break someone


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  • Break-one-s-ass

    break one’s ass Also, break or bust one’s ass or balls or butt or chops. Exert oneself to the utmost, try extremely hard, as in I’ve been breaking my ass to finish early. This expression is considered vulgar slang; both ass, for backside or buttocks, and balls, for male genitals, are rude; butt, for buttocks, […]

  • Break-one-s-back

    Also, break one’s neck . Make a great effort, work very hard. For example, I’ve been breaking my back over this problem for the past week , or Don’t break your neck to get there; we’ll wait for you . Both versions of this expression, polite equivalents of break one’s ass , transfer the literal […]

  • Break-one-s-balls

    break one’s balls see under break one’s ass

  • Break-one-s-fall

    Interrupt a tumble or descent, as in It’s a long way down over this cliff, with nothing to break your fall. [ Mid-1800s ]

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