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the act of breaking; state of being broken.
the amount or quantity of things broken:
There was a great deal of breakage in that shipment of glassware.
an allowance or compensation for the loss or damage of articles broken in transit or in use.
the money accrued by a racetrack from calculating the payoff to winning pari-mutuel bettors only in multiples of dimes for each dollar bet.
Contemporary Examples

Life, Liberty, and the Founding Fathers’ Pursuit of Hoppiness Kevin Bleyer July 3, 2014

Historical Examples

Overland John William De Forest
The Mutiny of the Elsinore Jack London
Every Step in Canning Grace Viall Gray
On Laboratory Arts Richard Threlfall
The Boy Scout Richard Harding Davis
Fishing in British Columbia Thomas Wilson Lambert
Peggy Owen Patriot Lucy Foster Madison
Wild Life on the Rockies Enos A. Mills
The Dollar Hen Milo M. Hastings

the act or result of breaking
the quantity or amount broken: the total breakage was enormous
compensation or allowance for goods damaged while in use, transit, etc


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