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an act or instance of breaking away; secession; separation:
the breakaway of two provinces from a state.
a departure or break from routine or tradition:
a three-day breakaway in the Bahamas.
a person or thing that breaks away.
an object, as a theatrical prop, constructed so that it breaks or falls apart easily, especially upon impact.
Ice Hockey. a sudden rush down the ice by a player or players in an attempt to score a goal, after breaking clear of defending opponents.
Football. a run by an offensive player breaking through the defense for a long gain.
Basketball. fast break.

a stampede.
an animal that breaks away from the herd or flock.

of, relating to, or being that which separates or secedes:
the breakaway faction of the Socialist party.
departing from routine or tradition.
constructed of such lightweight material or in such a way as to shatter or come apart easily:
breakaway highway signposts; Build a breakaway set for the barroom brawl.
(of theatrical costumes) constructed so as to be quickly removable, as by a performer playing several roles.
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Historical Examples

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loss or withdrawal of a group of members from an association, club, etc
(as modifier): a breakaway faction


a sudden attack, esp from a defensive position, in football, hockey, etc
an attempt to get away from the rest of the field in a race

(Austral) a stampede of cattle, esp at the smell of water
verb (intransitive, adverb)
(often foll by from) to leave hastily or escape
to withdraw or secede
(sport) to make a breakaway
(horse racing) to start prematurely


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