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simple past tense and past participle of breed.
to produce (offspring); procreate; engender.
to produce by mating; propagate sexually; reproduce:
Ten mice were bred in the laboratory.

to cause to reproduce by controlled pollination.
to improve by controlled pollination and selection.

to raise (cattle, sheep, etc.):
He breeds longhorns on the ranch.
to cause or be the source of; engender; give rise to:
Dirt breeds disease. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes.
to develop by training or education; bring up; rear:
He was born and bred a gentleman.
Energy. to produce more fissile nuclear fuel than is consumed in a reactor.
to impregnate; mate:
Breed a strong mare with a fast stallion and hope for a Derby winner.
to produce offspring:
Many animals breed in the spring.
to be engendered or produced; grow; develop:
Bacteria will not breed in alcohol.
to cause the birth of young, as in raising stock.
to be pregnant.
Genetics. a relatively homogenous group of animals within a species, developed and maintained by humans.
lineage; stock; strain:
She comes from a fine breed of people.
sort; kind; group:
Scholars are a quiet breed.
Disparaging and Offensive. half-breed (def 1).
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the past tense and past participle of breed
(Austral, derogatory, slang) a person who lives in a small remote place
verb breeds, breeding, bred
to bear (offspring)
(transitive) to bring up; raise
to produce or cause to produce by mating; propagate
to produce and maintain new or improved strains of (domestic animals and plants)
to produce or be produced; generate: to breed trouble, violence breeds in densely populated areas
a group of organisms within a species, esp a group of domestic animals, originated and maintained by man and having a clearly defined set of characteristics
a lineage or race: a breed of Europeans
a kind, sort, or group: a special breed of hatred

Noun A group of organisms having common ancestors and sharing certain traits that are not shared with other members of the same species. Breeds are usually produced by mating selected parents.
see: born and bred also see under: breed
see: familiarity breeds contempt


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