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the lower, rear part of the trunk of the body; buttocks.
the hinder or lower part of anything.
Ordnance. the rear part of the bore of a gun, especially the opening and associated mechanism that permits insertion of a projectile.
Machinery. the end of a block or pulley farthest from the supporting hook or eye.
Nautical. the outside angle of a knee in the frame of a ship.
Ordnance. to fit or furnish (a gun) with a breech.
to clothe with breeches.
Historical Examples

The History of Sir Richard Calmady Lucas Malet
Young Blood E. W. Hornung
Despair’s Last Journey David Christie Murray
The Letters of Jane Austen Jane Austen
The Passionate Elopement Compton Mackenzie
The Idol of The Blind Tom Gallon
The Shadow of a Man E. W. Hornung
A Widow’s Tale and Other Stories Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant
Essays in Little Andrew Lang
A Short History of English Liberalism Walter Lyon Blease

noun (briːtʃ)
the lower dorsal part of the human trunk; buttocks; rump
the lower part or bottom of something: the breech of the bridge
the lower portion of a pulley block, esp the part to which the rope or chain is secured
the part of a firearm behind the barrel or bore
(obstetrics) short for breech delivery
verb (transitive) (briːtʃ; brɪtʃ)
to fit (a gun) with a breech
(archaic) to clothe in breeches or any other clothing


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