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an animal, plant, or person that produces offspring or reproduces.
a person who raises animals or plants primarily for breeding purposes.
Also called breeder reactor. Energy. a nuclear reactor in which more fissile material is produced than is consumed.
a type of nuclear reactor that produces more fissionable material than it consumes Compare converter reactor See also fast-breeder reactor
a person who breeds plants or animals
something that reproduces, esp to excess: rabbits are persistent breeders
an animal kept for breeding purposes
a source or cause: a breeder of discontent
short for breeder reactor
breeder reactor
A nuclear reactor that is used to create fissionable material (such as plutonium-239) by exposing nonfissionable material (such as uranium-238) to radiation. The source of the radiation is usually some other fissionable material. Breeder reactors produce more fissionable material than they use up.

Note: Breeder reactors are designed to produce more fuel than they consume.

Note: The development of the breeder reactor has been stopped in the United States, but continues to be pursued in Europe and Japan.


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