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a city in W Austria, on Lake Constance.
a province in W Austria. 1004 sq. mi. (2600 sq. km).
Capital: Bregenz.
Historical Examples

One Of Them Charles James Lever
A Woman’s Will Anne Warner
The Valleys of Tirol R. H. Busk
A Woman’s Will Anne Warner
Tyrol and its People Clive Holland
The Story of Switzerland Lina Hug
A Day’s Ride Charles James Lever
The Dodd Family Abroad, Vol. II.(of II) Charles James Lever
The Whirlpool George Gissing
Legends and Lyrics: First Series Adelaide Anne Procter

a resort in W Austria, the capital of Vorarlberg province. Pop: 26 752 (2001)
a mountainous state of W Austria. Capital: Bregenz. Pop: 356 590 (2003 est). Area: 2601 sq km (1004 sq miles)


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