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fellow members.
Archaic. brothers.
a male offspring having both parents in common with another offspring; a male sibling.
Also called half brother. a male offspring having only one parent in common with another offspring.
a stepbrother.
a male numbered among the same kinship group, nationality, ethnicity, profession, etc., as another; an associate; a fellow member, fellow countryman, fellow man, etc.:
a fraternity brother.

(often initial capital letter) a male numbered among the lay members of a religious organization that has a priesthood.
a man who devotes himself to the duties of a religious order without taking holy orders, or while preparing for holy orders.

brothers, all members of a particular racial or ethnic group, or of the human race in general:
All men are brothers.
Slang. fellow; buddy:
Brother, can you spare a dime?
Informal. a term used to refer to or address a fellow black man; soul brother.
Slang. (used to express disappointment, disgust, or surprise).
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plural noun
(archaic) a plural of brother
fellow members of a religion, sect, society, etc
noun (pl) brothers, (archaic except when referring to fellow members of a religion, sect, society, etc) brethren
a male person having the same parents as another person
short for half-brother, stepbrother

a male person belonging to the same group, profession, nationality, trade union, etc, as another or others; fellow member
(as modifier): brother workers

comrade; friend: used as a form of address

a member of a male religious order who undertakes work for the order without actually being in holy orders
a lay member of a male religious order

related adjective fraternal
(slang) an exclamation of amazement, disgust, surprise, disappointment, etc

A man; fellow; guy •Used in addressing strangers: I don’t know you, brother, but you said a mouthful (1910+)
A black person; blood •Common and significant fr 1960s: All you brothers here, and you white people too, got to take care of business (1920+ Black)
A fellow professional; colleague: I’d like to ask Brother Donaldson something, if I may (mid1300s+)


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