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money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person, especially in that person’s performance as an athlete, public official, etc.:
The motorist offered the arresting officer a bribe to let him go.
anything given or serving to persuade or induce:
The children were given candy as a bribe to be good.
to give or promise a bribe to:
They bribed the reporter to forget about what he had seen.
to influence or corrupt by a bribe:
The judge was too honest to be bribed.
to give a bribe; practice bribery.
Contemporary Examples

Rebekah Brooks Phone Hacking Trial Begins In London Peter Jukes, Nico Hines October 27, 2013
Those Generic Drugs May Not Have Been What You Thought They Were Megan McArdle May 16, 2013
The High Society Bank Robber of the 1800s J. North Conway October 18, 2014
Soccer Mom Allegedly Reaped Millions Running Upscale Brothel in New York Michael Daly March 7, 2012

Historical Examples

Galusha the Magnificent Joseph C. Lincoln
Waring’s Peril Charles King
Hard Pressed Fred M. White
Lady Bountiful George A. Birmingham
Wenderholme Philip Gilbert Hamerton
The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard Anatole France

to promise, offer, or give something, usually money, to (a person) to procure services or gain influence, esp illegally
a reward, such as money or favour, given or offered for this purpose
any persuasion or lure
a length of flawed or damaged cloth removed from the main piece


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