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bricks, the


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    brickyard, the

  • Bricolage

    a construction made of whatever materials are at hand; something created from a variety of available things. (in literature) a piece created from diverse resources. (in art) a piece of makeshift handiwork. the use of multiple, diverse research methods. noun (architect) the jumbled effect produced by the close proximity of buildings from different periods and […]

  • Bricole

    Billiards. a shot in which the cue ball strikes a cushion after touching the object ball and before hitting the carom ball. an indirect action or unexpected stroke. Historical Examples Every Boy’s Book: A Complete Encyclopdia of Sports and Amusements Various noun (billiards) a shot in which the cue ball touches a cushion after striking […]

  • Brics

    noun acronym Brazil, Russia, India, and China: seen collectively as the most important emerging economies with large potential markets Contemporary Examples The West Can Ally Against Russia But It Needs Global Cooperation Bruce Jones March 25, 2014 Women Entrepreneurs in Eurasia, Africa Get $100 Million Boost Katie Baker March 10, 2013 The Despicable Persistence of […]

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