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  • Bridge

    a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like. a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions, or the like: Working at the hospital was a bridge between medical school and private practice. Nautical. a raised transverse platform from which a power vessel is […]

  • Bridgeboard

    a notched board serving as a string or carriage for a stair. Historical Examples The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland (Vol I of II) Alice Bertha Gomme noun a board on both sides of a staircase that is cut to support the treads and risers Also called cut string

  • Bridge-chair

    a lightweight folding chair, often part of a set of matching chairs and bridge table.

  • Bridge-circuit

    bridge1 (def 9).

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