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part of the tack or harness of a horse, consisting usually of a headstall, bit, and reins.
anything that restrains or curbs:
His common sense is a bridle to his quick temper.
Machinery. a link, flange, or other attachment for limiting the movement of any part of a machine.
Nautical. a rope or chain secured at both ends to an object to be held, lifted, or towed, and itself held or lifted by a rope or chain secured at its center.
a raising up of the head, as in disdain.
to put a bridle on.
to control or hold back; restrain; curb.
to draw up the head and draw in the chin, as in disdain or resentment.
Historical Examples

The Fat and the Thin Emile Zola
The Hero William Somerset Maugham
Lectures on Architecture and Painting John Ruskin
The Gold Girl James B. Hendryx
The Gentle Art of Cooking Wives Elizabeth Strong Worthington
Sarah’s School Friend May Baldwin
Thackerayana William Makepeace Thackeray
The Opened Shutters Clara Louise Burnham
Gloria and Treeless Street Annie Hamilton Donnell
A New Sensation Albert Ross

a headgear for a horse, etc, consisting of a series of buckled straps and a metal mouthpiece (bit) by which the animal is controlled through the reins
something that curbs or restrains; check
a Y-shaped cable, rope, or chain, used for holding, towing, etc
(machinery) a device by which the motion of a component is limited, often in the form of a linkage or flange
(transitive) to put a bridle on (a horse, mule, etc)
(intransitive) (of a horse) to respond correctly to the pull of the reins
(transitive) to restrain; curb: he bridled his rage
(intransitive) often foll by at. to show anger, scorn, or indignation


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