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brig rat


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  • Brigsail

    a large gaffsail on the mainmast or trysail mast of a brig.

  • Brigade

    a military unit having its own headquarters and consisting of two or more regiments, squadrons, groups, or battalions. a large body of troops. a group of individuals organized for a particular purpose: a fire brigade; a rescue brigade. bucket brigade. History/Historical. a convoy of canoes, sleds, wagons, or pack animals, especially as used to supply […]

  • Brigadier

    British Military. a rank between colonel and major general. U.S. Army Informal. a brigadier general. History/Historical. a noncommissioned rank in the Napoleonic armies. Contemporary Examples The Sensitive Soldier Gail Sheehy November 10, 2009 The Sensitive Soldier Gail Sheehy November 10, 2009 America’s Menacing Pakistan Problem Bruce Riedel May 20, 2011 Into Taliban Country Steve Inskeep […]

  • Brigadier-general

    an officer of the rank between colonel and major general. Contemporary Examples David’s Bookclub: Until the Last Trumpet Sounds David Frum December 23, 2012 Historical Examples Bullets & Billets Bruce Bairnsfather The Hour and the Man Harriet Martineau The Irish at the Front Michael MacDonagh Macaria Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Forty-one years in India Frederick […]

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