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Andrew (Jackson, Jr.) born 1932, U.S. clergyman, civil-rights leader, politician, and diplomat: mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, 1981–89.
Art(hur Henry) 1866–1944, U.S. cartoonist and author.
Brigham, 1801–77, U.S. leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Charles, 1864–1922, U.S. army colonel: highest-ranking black officer in World War I.
Denton T (“Cy”) 1867–1955, U.S. baseball player.
Edward, 1683–1765, English poet.
Ella, 1867–1956, Irish poet and mythologist in the U.S.
Lester Willis (“Pres”; “Prez”) 1909–59, U.S. jazz tenor saxophonist.
Owen D. 1874–1962, U.S. lawyer, industrialist, government administrator, and financier.
Stark, 1881–1963, U.S. drama critic, novelist, and playwright.
Thomas, 1773–1829, English physician, physicist, mathematician, and Egyptologist.
Whitney M., Jr. 1921–71, U.S. social worker and educator: executive director of the National Urban League 1961–71.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Modern Leaders: Being a Series of Biographical Sketches Justin McCarthy
Lippincott’s Magazine, September, 1885 Various
The Story of the Mormons William Alexander Linn
Across America James F. Rusling
History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Volume 2 Joseph Smith

adjective younger (ˈjʌŋɡə), youngest (ˈjʌŋɡɪst)

having lived, existed, or been made or known for a relatively short time: a young man, a young movement, a young country
(as collective noun; preceded by the): the young

youthful or having qualities associated with youth; vigorous or lively: she’s very young for her age
of or relating to youth: in my young days
having been established or introduced for a relatively short time: a young member
in an early stage of progress or development; not far advanced: the day was young

(of mountains) formed in the Alpine orogeny and still usually rugged in outline
another term for youthful (sense 4)

(often capital) of or relating to a rejuvenated group or movement or one claiming to represent the younger members of the population, esp one adhering to a political ideology: Young England, Young Socialists
(functioning as pl) offspring, esp young animals: a rabbit with her young
with young, (of animals) pregnant
Brigham (ˈbrɪɡəm). 1801–77, US Mormon leader, who led the Mormon migration to Utah and founded Salt Lake City (1847)
Edward. 1683–1765, English poet and dramatist, noted for his Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality (1742–45)
Lester. 1909–59, US saxophonist and clarinetist. He was a leading early exponent of the tenor saxophone in jazz
Neil (Percival). born 1945, Canadian rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His albums include Harvest (1972), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), Ragged Glory (1990), and Prairie Wind (2005)
Thomas. 1773–1829, English physicist, physician, and Egyptologist. He helped to establish the wave theory of light by his experiments on optical interference and assisted in the decipherment of the Rosetta Stone
British physicist and physician who is best known for his contributions to the wave theory of light and his discovery of how the lens of the human eye changes shape to focus on objects of different distances. He also studied surface tension and elasticity, and Young’s modulus (a measure of the rigidity of materials) is named for him. He is also credited with the first scientific definition of the word energy.


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