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the spectrum of an incandescent substance appearing on a spectrogram as one or more bright lines against a dark background.


Read Also:

  • Bright-wool

    the wool of sheep raised east of the Mississippi River.

  • Brightwork

    polished metal parts, as on a ship or automobile. Nautical. all plain or varnished woodwork that is kept scoured on a vessel. noun shiny metal trimmings or fittings on ships, cars, etc varnished or plain woodwork on a vessel

  • Bright-blindness

    noun (vet science) blindness occurring in sheep grazing pastures heavily infested with bracken

  • Brighten

    to become or make bright or brighter. Contemporary Examples Who Did Nancy Pelosi’s New Face? Sandra McElwaine March 25, 2009 When Paris was New David Frum January 27, 2013 Prince Harry Parties TOPLESS Tom Sykes July 27, 2014 Job Market’s Tough ‘New Normal’: Some Careers Aren’t Coming Back Zachary Karabell March 1, 2012 Historical Examples […]

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