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the earth or globe, considered as a planet.
(often initial capital letter) a particular division of the earth:
the Western world.
the earth or a part of it, with its inhabitants, affairs, etc., during a particular period:
the ancient world.
humankind; the human race; humanity:
The world must eliminate war and poverty.
the public generally:
The whole world knows it.
the class of persons devoted to the affairs, interests, or pursuits of this life:
The world worships success.
a particular class of people, with common interests, aims, etc.:
the fashionable world.
any sphere, realm, or domain, with all pertaining to it:
a child’s world; the world of dreams; the insect world.
everything that exists; the universe; the macrocosm.
any complex whole conceived as resembling the universe:
the world of the microcosm.
one of the three general groupings of physical nature:
animal world; mineral world; vegetable world.
any period, state, or sphere of existence:
this world; the world to come.
Often, worlds. a great deal:
That vacation was worlds of fun.
any indefinitely great expanse.
any heavenly body:
the starry worlds.
bring into the world,

to give birth to; bear:
My grandmother brought nine children into the world.
to deliver (a baby):
the doctor brought many children into the world.

come into the world, to be born:
Her first child came into the world in June.
for all the world,

for any consideration, however great:
She wouldn’t come to visit us for all the world.
in every respect; precisely:
You look for all the world like my Aunt Mary.

in the world,

at all; ever:
I never in the world would have believed such an obvious lie.
from among all possibilities:
Where in the world did you find that hat?

on top of the world. top1 (def 47).
out of this / the world, exceptional; fine:
The chef prepared a roast duck that was out of this world.
set the world on fire, to achieve great fame and success:
He didn’t seem to be the type to set the world on fire.
think the world of, to like or admire greatly:
His coworkers think the world of him.
world without end, for all eternity; for always.
the earth as a planet, esp including its inhabitants
mankind; the human race
people generally; the public: in the eyes of the world
social or public life: to go out into the world
the universe or cosmos; everything in existence
a complex united whole regarded as resembling the universe
any star or planet, esp one that might be inhabited
(often capital) a division or section of the earth, its history, or its inhabitants: the Western World, the Ancient World, the Third World
an area, sphere, or realm considered as a complete environment: the animal world
any field of human activity or way of life or those involved in it: the world of television
a period or state of existence: the next world
the total circumstances and experience of an individual that make up his life, esp that part of it relating to happiness: you have shattered my world
a large amount, number, or distance: worlds apart
worldly or secular life, ways, or people
(logic) See possible world
all the world and his wife, a large group of people of various kinds
bring into the world

(of a midwife, doctor, etc) to deliver (a baby)
to give birth to

come into the world, to be born
(informal) dead to the world, unaware of one’s surroundings, esp fast asleep or very drunk
(used with a negative) for the world, for any inducement, however great
for all the world, in every way; exactly
give to the world, to publish
(usually used with a negative) in the world, (intensifier): no-one in the world can change things
man of the world, woman of the world, a man or woman experienced in social or public life
not long for this world, nearing death
(informal) on top of the world, exultant, elated, or very happy
(informal) wonderful; excellent
set the world on fire, to be exceptionally or sensationally successful
the best of both worlds, the benefits from two different or opposed ways of life, philosophies, etc
think the world of, to be extremely fond of or hold in very high esteem
world of one’s own, a state of mental detachment from other people
world without end, for ever
(modifier) of or concerning most or all countries; worldwide: world politics, a world record
(in combination) throughout the world: world-famous
noun The World
a man-made archipelago of 300 reclaimed islands built off the coast of Dubai in the shape of a map of the world. Area: 63 sq km (24 sq miles)
Also, bring forth. Give birth, as in It’s certainly easier to bring a child into the world when you have a definite means of support, or “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son” (Matthew 1:23). Both versions of this term have a somewhat archaic ring. [ First half of 1400s ]

world is one’s oyster, the
world of good, a


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