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the back of something, as distinguished from the front:
The porch is at the rear of the house.
the space or position behind something:
The bus driver asked the passengers to move to the rear.
the buttocks; rump.
the hindmost portion of an army, fleet, etc.
pertaining to or situated at the rear of something:
the rear door of a bus.
bring up the rear, to be at the end; follow behind:
The army retreated, and the fleeing civilian population brought up the rear.
the back or hind part
the area or position that lies at the back: a garden at the rear of the house
the section of a military force or procession farthest from the front
the buttocks See buttock
bring up the rear, to be at the back in a procession, race, etc
in the rear, at the back
(modifier) of or in the rear: the rear legs, the rear side
(transitive) to care for and educate (children) until maturity; bring up; raise
(transitive) to breed (animals) or grow (plants)
(transitive) to place or lift (a ladder, etc) upright
(transitive) to erect (a monument, building, etc); put up
(intransitive) often foll by up. (esp of horses) to lift the front legs in the air and stand nearly upright
(intransitive; often foll by up or over) (esp of tall buildings) to rise high; tower
(intransitive) to start with anger, resentment, etc
Be last in a line or sequence, as in As a slow walker, I’m used to bringing up the rear, or In test results Tom always brought up the rear. This term almost certainly came from the military but the earliest citation given by the Oxford English Dictionary is from a 1643 religious treatise by Sir Thomas Browne: “My desires onely are . . . to be but the last man, and bring up the Rere in Heaven.”

rear end
rear its ugly head


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