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Arthur, 1864–1936, U.S. journalist.
a seaport in and the capital of Queensland, in E Australia.
a state in NE Australia. 670,500 sq. mi. (1,736,595 sq. km).
Capital: Brisbane.
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a port in E Australia, the capital of Queensland: founded in 1824 as a penal settlement; vast agricultural hinterland. Pop: 1 508 161 (2001)
a state of NE Australia: fringed on the Pacific side by the Great Barrier Reef; the Great Dividing Range lies in the east, separating the coastal lowlands from the dry Great Artesian Basin in the south. Capital: Brisbane. Pop: 3 840 111 (2003 est). Area: 1 727 500 sq km (667 000 sq miles)
Brisbane [(briz-bayn, briz-buhn)]

Note: The British settled Brisbane in the early eighteenth century as a penal colony.


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