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one of the short, stiff, coarse hairs of certain animals, especially hogs, used extensively in making brushes.
anything resembling these hairs.
to stand or rise stiffly, like bristles.
to erect the bristles, as an irritated animal (often followed by up):
The hog bristled up.
to become rigid with anger or irritation:
The man bristled when I asked him to move.
to be thickly set or filled with something suggestive of bristles:
The plain bristled with bayonets. The project bristled with difficulties.
to be visibly roused or stirred (usually followed by up).
to erect like bristles:
The rooster bristled his crest.
to furnish with a bristle or bristles.
to make bristly.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Watchers of the Trails Charles G. D. Roberts
With Trapper Jim in the North Woods Lawrence J. Leslie
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My Double Life Sarah Bernhardt
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Oscar Wilde, Volume 2 (of 2) Frank Harris

any short stiff hair of an animal or plant
something resembling these hair: toothbrush bristle
when intr, often foll by up. to stand up or cause to stand up like bristles: the angry cat’s fur bristled
(intransitive) sometimes foll by up. to show anger, indignation, etc: she bristled at the suggestion
(intransitive) to be thickly covered or set: the target bristled with arrows
(intransitive) to be in a state of agitation or movement: the office was bristling with activity
(transitive) to provide with a bristle or bristles


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