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a turbot of northeastern Atlantic seas.
the group of small marine animals forming the food of whalebone whales.
the young of herring and sprat.
Contemporary Examples

10 Great Bands You’ve Never Heard Winston Ross May 25, 2013
Black. Female. Undecided. Sophia A. Nelson November 5, 2012

Historical Examples

When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day
Chatterbox, 1906 Various
When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day
‘Me-Smith’ Caroline Lockhart
When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day
The Tyranny of the Dark Hamlin Garland
When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day
The Tyranny of the Dark Hamlin Garland

noun (functioning as singular or pl)
the young of a herring, sprat, or similar fish
minute marine crustaceans, esp copepods, forming food for many fishes and whales
(informal) a British person
person from Great Britain


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