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free from prejudice or bigotry; unbiased; liberal; tolerant.
Contemporary Examples

Gil Troy Responds to Yousef Munayyer Gil Troy August 20, 2012
Botticelli’s Venus Gets Photoshop Treatment Lizzie Crocker May 24, 2014
ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’ ASL Episode Recalls Gallaudet Protest Jace Lacob February 27, 2013

Historical Examples

Threads of Grey and Gold Myrtle Reed
Cap’n Dan’s Daughter Joseph C. Lincoln
Islam Her Moral And Spiritual Value Arthur Glyn Leonard
Garrison’s Finish W. B. M. Ferguson
The Great American Fraud Samuel Hopkins Adams
Garrison’s Finish W. B. M. Ferguson
Influences of Geographic Environment Ellen Churchill Semple

tolerant of opposing viewpoints; not prejudiced; liberal
not easily shocked by permissive sexual habits, pornography, etc


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