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a closely woven dress-goods fabric of cotton, rayon, silk, or a mixture of these fibers, having a soft, mercerized finish and resembling poplin.
a woolen or worsted fabric constructed in a plain or twill weave, having a compact texture and lustrous finish.
any fabric woven on a wide loom.
Historical Examples

Captain Brand of the “Centipede” H. A. (Henry Augustus) Wise
The White Company Arthur Conan Doyle
Nat Goodwin’s Book Nat C. Goodwin
Winning His Way Charles Carleton Coffin
Clothing and Health Helen Kinne
Textiles William H. Dooley
The Fatal Cord Mayne Reid
Textiles William H. Dooley
Hall-Marked and Others (From Six Short Plays) John Galsworthy
The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan James Morier

fabric woven on a wide loom
a closely woven fabric of wool, worsted, cotton, or rayon with lustrous finish, used for clothing


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