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a street in New York City, famous for its theaters, restaurants, and bright lights.
the theater district located on or near this street, especially as the center of the professional or commercial theater in the U.S.
(of a play, theatrical performance, etc.) pertaining to, suitable for, or produced in the commercial theater, especially on Broadway:
a Broadway show.
acting or working on Broadway:
a Broadway producer; a Broadway star.
characteristic of or frequenting the theater district on Broadway.
garish; tawdry.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

America, Volume III (of 6) Joel Cook
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a thoroughfare in New York City, famous for its theatres: the centre of the commercial theatre in the US
of or relating to or suitable for the commercial theatre, esp on Broadway

Note: Broadway is known for its theaters. (See also under “Fine Arts.”)

Note: It is sometimes called the “Great White Way” because of its bright lights.

standard, operating system
A standard which the X Consortium is currently (January 1997) developing and plans to release soon as an open standard. A prime goal is to be more bandwidth-efficient and easier to develop for (and to port) than the X Window System, which has been widely described as over-sized, over-featured, over-engineered and incredibly over-complicated.


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