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a plant, Brassica rapa ruvo, of which the slightly bitter, dark-green leaves and clustered flower buds are eaten as a vegetable.


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    plural noun trademark (mainly Austral) (sometimes not capital) a cultivated variety of cabbage, Brassica B. oleracea, which resembles broccoli and is eaten as a green vegetable Also called baby broccoli noun Examples

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    a form of a cultivated cruciferous plant, Brassica oleracea botrytis, whose leafy stalks and clusters of usually green buds are eaten as a vegetable. Historical Examples The Cauliflower A. A. Crozier The Field and Garden Vegetables of America Fearing Burr The Cauliflower A. A. Crozier The Cauliflower A. A. Crozier The Cauliflower A. A. Crozier […]

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