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broken-bat bleeder


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  • Broken-hearted

    burdened with great sorrow, grief, or disappointment. Contemporary Examples Antonia Fraser on Her Wild Marriage Amanda Foreman November 7, 2010 Betty Ford Center’s Messy Path After Former First Lady’s Death Lois Romano November 8, 2011 Hunter Moore, Creator of ‘Revenge Porn’ Website Is Anyone Up?, Is the Internet’s Public Enemy No. 1 Marlow Stern March […]

  • Broken-nose-crowd–the

    broken-nose crowd, the

  • Broken

    past participle of break. reduced to fragments; fragmented. ruptured; torn; fractured. not functioning properly; out of working order. Meteorology. (of sky cover) being more than half, but not totally, covered by clouds. Compare scattered (def 4). changing direction abruptly: The fox ran in a broken line. fragmentary or incomplete: a broken ton of coal weighing […]

  • Broker

    an agent who buys or sells for a principal on a commission basis without having title to the property. a person who functions as an intermediary between two or more parties in negotiating agreements, bargains, or the like. stockbroker. to act as a broker for: to broker the sale of a house. to act as […]

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