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containing pentavalent bromine.
Historical Examples

Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

of or containing bromine in the trivalent or pentavalent state


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  • Bromic-acid

    an acid, HBrO 3 , stable only in very dilute solutions, usually produced by the reaction of barium bromate with sulfuric acid: used chiefly as an oxidizing agent in the manufacture of dyes and pharmaceuticals. noun a colourless unstable water-soluble liquid used as an oxidizing agent in the manufacture of dyes and pharmaceuticals. Formula: HBrO3

  • Bromide

    Chemistry. a salt of hydrobromic acid consisting of two elements, one of which is bromine, as sodium bromide, NaBr. a compound containing bromine, as methyl bromide. Pharmacology. potassium bromide, known to produce central nervous system depression, formerly used as a sedative. a platitude or trite saying. a person who is platitudinous and boring. Contemporary Examples […]

  • Bromide-paper

    a fast printing paper coated with an emulsion of silver bromide: used mostly for enlargements. noun a type of photographic paper coated with an emulsion of silver bromide usually containing a small quantity of silver iodide

  • Bromidrosis

    bromhidrosis. Historical Examples Essentials of Diseases of the Skin Henry Weightman Stelwagon Surgery, with Special Reference to Podiatry Maximilian Stern

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