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  • Bronchiole

    a small branch of a bronchus. noun any of the smallest bronchial tubes, usually ending in alveoli n. bronchiole (brŏng’kē-ōl’) Any of the small, thin-walled tubes that branch from a bronchus and end in the alveolar sacs of the lung.

  • Bronchiolar-carcinoma

    bronchiolar carcinoma

  • Bronchiolectasis


  • Bronchiolitis

    noun a condition in which the small airways in the lungs become inflamed by a virus. It is most common in infants, who become breathless in severe cases. Recurrent attacks may lead to asthma bronchiolitis (brŏng’kē-ə-lī’tĭs) An acute viral infection of the bronchioles seen mostly in infants and young children, caused most frequently by the […]

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