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  • Brough

    broch. Historical Examples The Gypsy’s Parson George Hall The Hero of the Humber Henry Woodcock Old Familiar Faces Theodore Watts-Dunton The Life Of George Cruikshank, Vol. I. (of II) Blanchard Jerrold Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, November 20, 1841 Various A Month in Yorkshire Walter White The History of Samuel Titmarsh William Makepeace […]

  • Brougham

    a four-wheeled, boxlike, closed carriage for two or four persons, having the driver’s perch outside. Automotive. (formerly) a limousine having an open driver’s compartment. an early type of automobile resembling a coupé, often powered by an electric motor. Historical Examples Beacon Lights of History, Volume X John Lord The Greville Memoirs (Second Part) Charles C. […]

  • Broughta

    noun variants of braata

  • Brought-on

    made or bought outside the community, as a commercially manufactured product. (of a person) not belonging to the community; outside: They hired themselves a brought-on man from Michigan.

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