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to eat, nibble at, or feed on (leaves, tender shoots, or other soft vegetation).
to graze; pasture on.
to look through or glance at casually:
He’s browsing the shelves for something to read.
to feed on or nibble at foliage, lichen, berries, etc.
to graze.
to glance at random through a book, magazine, etc.
to look leisurely at goods displayed for sale, as in a store.
tender shoots or twigs of shrubs and trees as food for cattle, deer, etc.
an act or instance of browsing.
Contemporary Examples

Inside the Secret New Internet Browser David Kirkpatrick November 6, 2010
The Bag Lady Papers, Part VIII Alexandra Penney June 27, 2009
Inside the Secret New Internet Browser David Kirkpatrick November 6, 2010
Mexico: Allegations of Fraud Follow Peña Nieto Teresa Puente November 29, 2012
Daily Beast Caption-Writing Contest July 16, 2013

Historical Examples

Wheat and Huckleberries Charlotte Marion (White) Vaile
The New Pun Book Thomas A. Brown and Thomas Joseph Carey
In the Wilderness Charles Dudley Warner
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz L. Frank Baum
The Confessions of a Poacher Anonymous

to look through (a book, articles for sale in a shop, etc) in a casual leisurely manner
(computing) to search for and read hypertext, esp on the Internet
(of deer, goats, etc) to feed upon (vegetation) by continual nibbling
the act or an instance of browsing
the young twigs, shoots, leaves, etc, on which certain animals feed


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