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[an-tuh n,, -ton,, -tohn;; German ahn-tawn] /ˈæn tən,, -tɒn,, -toʊn;; German ˈɑn tɔn/ (Show IPA), 1824–96, Austrian composer and organist.
Historical Examples

Mahler, we feel again, realizes all the craving that Bruckner breeds for a kernel of feeling in the shell of counterpoint.
Symphonies and Their Meaning; Third Series, Modern Symphonies Philip H. Goepp

Bruckner was a man deeply imbued with a sense of his own worth.
Big Stupe Charles V. De Vet

The Bruckner is a cylinder, turning on the horizontal axis and carried by four rollers.
Getting Gold J. C. F. Johnson

Bruckner looked carefully around the circle at each of his listeners.
Big Stupe Charles V. De Vet

The question of Bruckner’s place can hardly be said to be settled, although he has left nine symphonies.
Symphonies and Their Meaning; Third Series, Modern Symphonies Philip H. Goepp

“I certainly do not,” Bruckner answered, frowning in annoyance.
Big Stupe Charles V. De Vet

He studied the pianoforte with Epstein, composition and counterpoint with Bruckner.
Musical Portraits Paul Rosenfeld

“That was a rotten piece of business last night,” Bruckner said.
Big Stupe Charles V. De Vet

But Sweets made a small bet with himself that Bruckner would stay close to the protection of his men.
Big Stupe Charles V. De Vet

And Mahler without Bruckner would hardly have been possible.
Ivory Apes and Peacocks James Huneker

Anton (ˈantoːn). 1824–96, Austrian composer and organist in the Romantic tradition. His works include nine symphonies, four masses, and a Te Deum


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