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Pieter the Elder
[pee-ter;; Flemish pee-tuh r] /ˈpi tər;; Flemish ˈpi tər/ (Show IPA), (“Peasant Breughel”) c1525–69, Flemish genre and landscape painter.
his sons, Jan
[yahn] /yɑn/ (Show IPA), (“Velvet Breughel”) 1568–1625, and Pieter the Younger, (“Hell Breughel”), 1564–1637?, Flemish painters.
Historical Examples

The Moon and Sixpence W. Somerset Maugham

Jan (jɑn). 1568–1625, Flemish painter, noted for his detailed still lifes and landscapes
his father, Pieter (ˈpiːtər), called the Elder. ?1525–69, Flemish painter, noted for his landscapes, his satirical paintings of peasant life, and his allegorical biblical scenes
his son, Pieter, called the Younger. ?1564–1637, Flemish painter, noted for his gruesome pictures of hell
a variant spelling of Brueghel


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