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bill of sale.
Bachelor of Science.
Bachelor of Surgery.
bill of sale.
Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. bullshit.
balance sheet.
bill of sale.
Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. bullshit.
the second letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
any spoken sound represented by the letter B or b, as in bid, bauble, or daubed.
something having the shape of a B .
a written or printed representation of the letter B or b.
a device, as a printer’s type, for reproducing the letter B or b.
Contemporary Examples

To which I replied, “What could be a better skill for a president than BS artist?”
Is John Kasich The Most Formidable 2016 GOP Candidate You Don’t Know? Myra Adams April 11, 2014

But for most who of those want to be a CEO or covet an IPO, getting a BA or BS is mandatory.
Tech’s 29 Most Powerful Colleges Thomas E. Weber May 2, 2010

But they are probably more intellectually honest—more willing to call their own team for BS—than most political commentators.
Wanted: Less Terrible Political Coverage on TV Matt Lewis November 18, 2014

Science shows the low-fat diet to be BS, and yet the American Heart Association keeps touting it as the ‘heart healthy’ choice.
The Heart Association’s Junk Science Diet Dr. Barbara H. Roberts May 21, 2014

He hated anything that was highfalutin, and he had a BS detector—his phrase again—that was unmatched in the business.
Jack Germond, a Reporter From Another Time Eleanor Clift August 13, 2013

Historical Examples

BS had followed her in course of time, and claimed his share of honours and worship along with her.
History Of Egypt, Chalda, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 1 (of 12) G. Maspero

Ten of these squares are marked with numbers, the remaining two with “BS.”
An English Girl’s First Impressions of Burmah Beth Ellis

Form scale aS, BS, in accordance with the height of the fence or wall to be depicted.
The Theory and Practice of Perspective George Adolphus Storey

In BS portrait of himself a portrait of G. hangs on the wall, and in Gs.
The Letters of a Post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh

But as soon as she switched to this BS about “safety” and “security,” my spine came back.
Little Brother Cory Doctorow

Bachelor of Surgery
British Standard(s) (indicating the catalogue or publication number of the British Standards Institution)
Bahamas (international car registration)
bill of sale
abbreviation (in the US and Canada)
Bachelor of Science

c.1900, slang abbreviation of bullshit (q.v.).

The symbol for boron.

The symbol for magnetic field.


bullshit (1900+)


To deceive or attempt to deceive with flattery, lies, etc: Don’t BS a BSer


The country code for the Bahamas.
Bachelor of Science
Bahamas (international vehicle ID)
balance sheet
Bar Sirach
bill of sale
blood sugar
bowel sounds
breath sounds
bill of sale


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  • B.s.a.

    Also, B.S. Agr. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Bachelor of Scientific Agriculture. Boy Scouts of America.

  • B.s.a.a.

    Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts.

  • B.s.a.e.

    Also, B.S.Ae.Eng. Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. Also, B.S.Ag.E. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering. Also, B.S.Arch.E. B.S.Arch.Eng. Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering.

  • B.s.adv.

    Bachelor of Science in Advertising.

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