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bubble sort


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  • Bubble-tea

    a frothy E Asian beverage consisting of sweetened tea with milk or flavorings, usually served over black pellets, or pearls, of tapioca. Contemporary Examples Oscars, the Super Bowl for Women & Other People’s Super Bowls Kevin Fallon February 21, 2013 noun a cold drink, originally from Taiwan, of tea infused with fruit flavouring, shaken to […]

  • Bubble-the-pot

    bubble the pot

  • Bubbletop

    a transparent dome, usually made of plastic or bulletproof glass, that serves as the roof or part of the roof of an automotive vehicle. a vehicle having such a dome: The old van was converted into a bubbletop. fitted with such a dome: a bubbletop limousine.

  • Bubble-under

    verb (intransitive, adverb) to remain just beneath a particular level to continue in the background or under the surface Historical Examples The Adventures of Kathlyn Harold MacGrath In the Wilds of Africa W.H.G. Kingston

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