a nearly spherical body of gas contained in a liquid.
a small globule of gas in a thin liquid envelope.
a globule of air or gas, or a globular vacuum, contained in a solid.
anything that lacks firmness, substance, or permanence; an illusion or delusion.
an inflated speculation, especially if fraudulent:
The real-estate bubble ruined many investors.
the act or sound of bubbling.
a spherical or nearly spherical canopy or shelter; dome:
The bombing plane bristled with machine-gun bubbles. A network of radar bubbles stretches across northern Canada.
a domelike structure, usually of inflated plastic, used to enclose a swimming pool, tennis court, etc.
Informal. a protected, exempt, or unique area, industry, etc.:
The oasis is a bubble of green in the middle of the desert.
an area that can be defended, protected, patrolled, etc., or that comes under one’s jurisdiction:
The carrier fleet’s bubble includes the Hawaiian Islands.
a sudden, small, temporary change or divergence from a trend:
In May there was a bubble in car sales, with three percent more being sold than last year.
to form, produce, or release bubbles; effervesce.
to flow or spout with a gurgling noise; gurgle.
to boil:
The tea bubbled in the pot.
to speak, move, issue forth, or exist in a lively, sparkling manner; exude cheer:
The play bubbled with songs and dances.
to seethe or stir, as with excitement:
His mind bubbles with plans and schemes.
to cause to bubble; make bubbles in.
Archaic. to cheat; deceive; swindle.
bubble over, to become lively:
The last time I saw her she was bubbling over with enthusiasm.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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a thin film of liquid forming a hollow globule around air or a gas: a soap bubble
a small globule of air or a gas in a liquid or a solid, as in carbonated drinks, glass, etc
the sound made by a bubbling liquid
something lacking substance, stability, or seriousness
an unreliable scheme or enterprise
a dome, esp a transparent glass or plastic one
to form or cause to form bubbles
(intransitive) to move or flow with a gurgling sound
(intransitive) ; often foll by over. to overflow (with excitement, anger, etc)
(intransitive) (Scot) to snivel; blubber

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