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buccal nerve


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  • Buccally

    of or relating to the cheek. pertaining to the sides of the mouth or to the mouth; oral. Dentistry. directed toward the cheek. Compare distal (def 2), mesial (def 2). adjective of or relating to the cheek of or relating to the mouth; oral: buccal lesion adj.

  • Buccaneer

    any of the piratical adventurers who raided Spanish colonies and ships along the American coast in the second half of the 17th century. any pirate. Contemporary Examples The Gunslinger of Rue Miromesnil Christopher Dickey December 22, 2013 The Self-Educated Apple Genius James Marcus Bach September 12, 2009 The Self-Educated Apple Genius James Marcus Bach September […]

  • Buccaro

    unglazed pottery.

  • Bucchero

    an Etruscan black ceramic ware, often ornamented with incised geometrical patterns or figures carved in relief. Historical Examples The Story of Perugia Margaret Symonds

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