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John (Baron Tweedsmuir) 1875–1940, Scottish novelist and historian: governor general of Canada 1935–40.
Historical Examples

English and Scottish Ballads, Volume II (of 8) Various
Biographia Scoticana (Scots Worthies) John Howie
The Torn Bible Alice Somerton
The Caged Lion Charlotte M. Yonge
The Mystery of the Sea Bram Stoker
William Penn Rupert S. Holland
The Writings of Thomas Paine, Vol. I Thomas Paine
Haunted London Walter Thornbury
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (Volume I of 5) Various
The Mystery of Cloomber Arthur Conan Doyle

John, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir. 1875–1940, Scottish statesman, historian, and writer of adventure stories, esp The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915) and Greenmantle (1916); governor general of Canada (1935–40)


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