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bucket of blood


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  • Bucket-of-bolts

    bucket of bolts

  • Bucket–out

    a deep, cylindrical vessel, usually of metal, plastic, or wood, with a flat bottom and a semicircular bail, for collecting, carrying, or holding water, sand, fruit, etc.; pail. anything resembling or suggesting this. Machinery. any of the scoops attached to or forming the endless chain in certain types of conveyors or elevators. the scoop or […]

  • Bucket-seat

    an individual seat with a rounded or contoured back, as in some automobiles and airplanes, often made to fold forward. Historical Examples The Auto Boys’ Mystery James A. Braden noun a seat in a car, aircraft, etc, having curved sides that partially enclose and support the body

  • Bucket-shop

    Stock Exchange. an unsound, unethical, or overly aggressive brokerage house. Slang. any shady commercial agency, as one dealing in illegally priced theater tickets. Historical Examples Prisoners of Poverty Helen Campbell A Spoil of Office Hamlin Garland Mr. Prohack E. Arnold Bennett Young Wallingford George Randolph Chester Satan’s Invisible World Displayed or, Despairing Democracy W. T. […]

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