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Ohio (used as a nickname).


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  • Buck-fever

    nervous excitement of an inexperienced hunter upon the approach of game. any nervous excitement preceding a new experience. Historical Examples The Trail of The Badger Sidford F. Hamp American Big-Game Hunting Various noun nervous excitement felt by inexperienced hunters at the approach of game

  • Buck–for

    (of a saddle or pack animal) to leap with arched back and come down with head low and forelegs stiff, in order to dislodge a rider or pack. Informal. to resist or oppose obstinately; object strongly: The mayor bucked at the school board’s suggestion. (of a vehicle, motor, or the like) to operate unevenly; move […]

  • Buck-general

    buck general

  • Buckhound

    a hound trained to hunt bucks and other game. Historical Examples Dog Breaking William Nelson Hutchinson noun a hound, smaller than a staghound, used for hunting the smaller breeds of deer, esp fallow deer

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