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Chiefly Irish English. young fellow; chap; young companion.
British Slang. a swaggering fellow.
Historical Examples

Ted Strong in Montana Edward C. Taylor
The Portygee Joseph Crosby Lincoln
Baseball Joe on the Giants Lester Chadwick
The Straw Eugene O’Neill
Plain Mary Smith Henry Wallace Phillips
Boy Scouts in the North Sea G. Harvey Ralphson
Wide Courses James Brendan Connolly
Cursed George Allan England
The Great White Tribe in Filipinia Paul T. Gilbert
The Red Horizon Patrick MacGill

noun (pl) -oes
(Irish) a lively young fellow: often a term of address

There are in London divers lodges or societies of Bucks, formed in imitation of the Free Masons: one was held at the Rose, in Monkwell-street, about the year 1705. The president is styled the Grand Buck. [“Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” 1811]

Fellow; friend; comrade; buddy; guy
A mean and dangerous man: The mate aboard the Pride of Hoboken was a notorious bucko (1800s+ Merchant marine)


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