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the skin of a buck or deer.
a strong, soft, yellowish or grayish leather, originally prepared from deerskins, now usually from sheepskins.
buckskins, breeches or shoes made of buckskin.
a stiff, firm, starched cotton cloth with a smooth surface and napped back.
a sturdy wool fabric constructed in satin weave, napped and cropped short to provide a smooth finish, and used in the manufacture of outer garments.
a person, especially a backwoodsman, dressed in buckskin.
a horse the color of buckskin.
made of buckskin:
buckskin gloves.
having the color of buckskin; yellowish or grayish.
Historical Examples

The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon James Carson
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands H. Hagedorn.
The Dude Wrangler Caroline Lockhart
The Watchers of the Plains Ridgewell Cullum
The U.P. Trail Zane Grey
The Gold Girl James B. Hendryx
The Boy Scouts On The Range Lieut. Howard Payson
A Virginia Scout Hugh Pendexter
The Indian in his Wigwam Henry R. Schoolcraft
The Girl from Sunset Ranch Amy Bell Marlowe

the skin of a male deer

a strong greyish-yellow suede leather, originally made from deerskin but now usually made from sheepskin
(as modifier): buckskin boots

(US) (sometimes capital) a person wearing buckskin clothes, esp an American soldier of the Civil War
a stiffly starched cotton cloth
a strong satin-woven woollen fabric


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