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a plant, especially Fagopyrum esculentum, cultivated for its triangular seeds, which are used as a feed for animals or made into a flour for human consumption, as in pancakes or cereal.
Compare buckwheat family.
the seeds of this plant.
Also, buckwheat flour. flour made from seeds of buckwheat.
made with buckwheat flour:
buckwheat pancakes.
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any of several polygonaceous plants of the genus Fagopyrum, esp F. esculentum, which has fragrant white flowers and is cultivated, esp in the US, for its seeds
the edible seeds of this plant, ground into flour or used as animal fodder
the flour obtained from these seeds


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    a pancake made of buckwheat flour.

  • Buckwheat-coal

    anthracite coal in sizes ranging from 5/16 to 9/16 inch (7.9 to 13.9 m).

  • Buckwheat-family

    the plant family Polygonaceae, characterized by herbaceous plants, vines, shrubs, and trees having stems with swollen joints, simple leaves, small, petalless flowers, and fruit in the form of an achene, and including the buckwheat, dock, knotweed, rhubarb, sea grape, and smartweed.

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    shape note.

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