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comrade or chum (often used as a term of address).
bud2 .
to be a companion; be friendly or on intimate terms.
buddy up,

to become friendly; be on friendly or intimate terms.
to work closely together:
to buddy up with a student from another high school.

buddy up to, to become friendly with or curry the favor of:
He was buddying up to the political bosses.
Historical Examples

Shock Absorber E.G. von Wald

noun (pl) -dies
(mainly US & Canadian) an informal word for friend Also called (as a term of address) bud
a volunteer who visits and gives help and support to a person suffering from AIDS
a volunteer who gives help and support to a person who has become disabled but is returning to work
verb -dying, -died
(intransitive) to act as a buddy to a person suffering from AIDS

Lenny Kent, a long-time fave here, is really in his element. … After four weeks here he’s got everone in town saying, “Hiya, Buddy, Buddy” with a drawl simulating his. [Review of Ned Schuyler’s 5 O’Clock Club, Miami Beach, Fla., “Billboard,” Nov. 12, 1949]

Buddy system attested from 1920.

A man’s closest male friend; pal •During WWI this term took on a particularly strong sentimental value
A male’s partner in work or sport

Be very friendly, as in He is always wanting to buddy up with me, but I don’t really like him. [ ; early 1900s ]


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