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Contemporary Examples

Fiscal Cliff Overshadowed by Newtown Tragedy Howard Kurtz December 18, 2012
In Secret Meetings, Congress Is Still Fiddling Over the Deficit Patricia Murphy June 7, 2012
Alan Simpson Plans ‘Cialis Solution’ to Get Congress to Slash Debt Howard Kurtz June 13, 2012
Obama’s Deficit Plan Falls Short Zachary Karabell September 18, 2011
We’re Firing the Wrong Teachers Joel Klein May 23, 2010
April 3: 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk The Daily Beast Video April 2, 2011
Wisconsin’s ‘Anti-Union’ Hysteria John Avlon February 23, 2011


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  • Budget-crunch

    noun Usage Note

  • Budget-deficit

    noun the amount by which government expenditure exceeds income from taxation, customs duties, etc, in any one fiscal year Contemporary Examples Mitt Romney’s Pick of Paul Ryan: Bold Doesn’t Always Work Peter Beinart August 12, 2012 Meg Whitman Speaks Lois Romano May 18, 2011 The Case for a VAT Justin Green November 28, 2012 The […]

  • Budget-for

    verb (transitive, preposition) to allocate, save, or set aside money for (a particular purpose, period, etc): we need to budget for a fuel increase this winter

  • Budget-plan

    installment plan. Historical Examples Main Street Sinclair Lewis

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